Bronchitis is the worst.

25 Sep

I hate being sick, mostly because when I’m sick I always feel so lonely.. but this past week I haven’t been feeling 100% and yesterday it was official: I’ve had bronchitis AND lost my voice. If being in bed and contagious didn’t make me feel lonely enough… being contagious and not being able to speak definitely did the trick. Luckily my parents put up with me calling a million times a day just to whisper inaudibly to them and my friends brought me necessary sick supplies (tea, honey, sleeping pills, orange juice, chocolate, and dvds), and I’m now no longer contagious or stuck with a useless raspy whisper… Here’s hoping tomorrow I’m able to speak without coughing! 


Productive Sundays!

24 Sep

Golub, Gamma Phi, and KA do Great Gatsby!

23 Sep

I’m Co-Chair of Golub House, and last night Golub, Gamma Phi Beta, and Kappa Alpha had a Great Gatsby themed event! Even though the rain was a bummer (especially because I didn’t realize until after I had spent the time curling my hair…), everyone showed up complete in flapper dresses, pearls, red lips, and suits and bow ties!

Everyone needs a Lion King break

21 Sep

Homework and late nights and vampires, oh my…

19 Sep

I have to read Dracula by Bram Stoker for my Irish Literature and Film class, and I decided to start reading it last night around two before I went to sleep. In retrospect, terrible decision. Apparently victims of vampires exhibit the same symptoms as college students trying to fight the fall cold without falling behind on work: trouble sleeping, loss of color, unusual appetite, distracted behavior. I immediately diagnosed myself with as a vampire victim before coming to my senses and realizing that I really, really just needed to sleep.

Take me back to England!

17 Sep

As if Facebook wasn’t enough of a distraction already, I just saw all the status updates about everyone leaving on the term abroad to York, England. I can’t even believe it was a year ago that I went… and procrastinating my work in the library in Schenectady (and very much not on a term abroad exploring Europe), I’m beyond jealous. Obviously I’m now looking through all of the pictures and albums that I have from last fall, and I’m missing the York Minster and the markets, and even the terrible library at York St. John where everyone talked and yelled and sang (yes, sang and sang often). ImageImageImage

It’s Rush Week!

10 Sep

  Today is the first day of panhellenic sorority recruitment! Tonight the potential new members will be visiting all three of the panhellenic sororities on campus (Gamma Phi Beta- where you’ll see me, Sigma Tau Delta, and Delta Delta Delta), and after all the planning and workshopping I’m sure it’s not only me who is anxious and excited to meet the girls and show them the houses. Best of luck to the PNM’s and sororities, I’m positive it will be a successful recruitment for everyone!