Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Starbucks for the Summer

3 Jul

I’m staying on campus this summer to intern at a local publishing company, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to get research done for thesis and study for the fast approaching GRE’s.  I think I forgot how great Union is in the warm weather… and completely underestimated how hard it would be to get work done when the gardens are so inviting and all I want to do when I’m not sitting inside my cube at work is be outside or get ice cream or catch up on The Glee Project. To motivate myself, I made it my goal to have my three Shakespeare plays and three Sophocles plays for thesis read by the beginning of June.  Now that June 1st has come and gone and I still have some plays to read, I decided it was time to hit up Schaff for a quality study sesh…  Unfortunately, I don’t get back from my internship until after 5, when the library closes during the summer. Back-up plan time. When I studied abroad in York, England, last fall, the library was always loud and social (so, not like Schaffer at all). To get work done, I went to the Starbucks in town.  Tonight, I ventured to the Starbucks near campus and sat down with Othello and a vanilla latte until I was done with both. The soft, sinking arm chair by the window wasn’t quite as ideal as a basement cubicle in the library, but it did the trick.


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