Happy 4th!!

4 Jul

At first, I was really excited for July 4th at Union. I had high hopes for my day off from my internship, the bbq the summer residence halls were having, and plans to read outside in the sun all day. Right after I got up in the morning, I put on some red, white, and blue and lugged my huge (and heavy!) Norton Shakespeare Anthology outside. After I was reading (and, thanks to my pale skin, burning in the sun) for a little while, I got a call from my house. It was just my mom and my youngest sister at home (my dad was working and my other younger sister was at a party), and they weren’t going to any Independence Day celebrations or grilling outside because there were thunderstorm warnings all day. Instead, they rented movies and were going to wait out the storm with ice cream and popcorn. I had just finished Hamlet, and I suddenly decided that I wanted to be home for the 4th. I was planning driving home for the weekend and since I wasn’t working Thursday or Friday either, I didn’t really need to wait. Just like that, I hopped in my car and was on my way. So, instead of bbq-ing, I drove two hours home. And instead of watching the fireworks, I watched George Clooney in The Descendants. But, I’m happy I was home for the holiday. I’ll get to the rest of the homework tomorrow.


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