…And Becker Career Center to the rescue

18 Jul

Last night after I got my book and started my preparation for the GRE, the next step was to sign up for a test. I tried the link in my book first, but for some reason that didn’t work-I assumed I was just typing it in wrong or something, and kept trying until I realized it just wasn’t working. So I searched, and I looked, and I tried… but I couldn’t figure out how to schedule a test. I was google-ing it over and over, and getting more and more frustrated until I finally gave up. This morning, I woke up determined to figure it out and headed over to the Becker Career Center. After spilling out all my frustration and my trouble with signing up for the test, it took two seconds for them to show me how to sign up for the test. It turns out, like I had suspected… I was just typing it incorrectly the whole time.


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