Extra Points for the Intern

23 Jul











Now this isn’t a picture of the exact sign across from my cube at work… but it’s pretty close. The office recently moved locations in the large building and is re-doing the reception area now over the summer. Unfortunately for me, my cube is about a foot and a half away from the construction zone. After enduring a just a day of paint fumes, jack hammering, and one construction worker yelling incessantly for a hammer, I couldn’t work in my cube anymore, and I was basically a homeless intern. I carried my laptop and the binders of data or folders of contracts I was working on at the time to a few empty tables and abandoned desks and set up camp. Because I have such a great internship, yesterday when I came into the office I had an e-mail saying that I had a new cube to move into- far away from the construction zone, and I had ‘extra points’ for being such a trooper in the meantime.


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