Sunday in Schenectady

23 Jul

After Audrey Hepburn and a late night pancake run to Denny’s, Harlie and I woke up early Sunday morning to check out the Green Market downtown. It was fantastic! The fresh veggies and fruits looked so good… but I’m more partial to chocolates than greens, so Harlie and I lingered around the dessert booths most of the time. We tried this chocolate peanut butter fudge cookie- it was phenomenal, but soooo rich! I could barely finish the two bites! After we walked around the market for a while, we headed into the shops on Jay Street. My dad is from Ireland and we grew up visiting his family there, so when we got to Lennon’s Irish Shop we had to go in and see what was there. Obviously it was worth it- the cutest jewelry and Irish knit sweaters- and Jaffa Cakes, which I can’t stand but Harlie and my dad adore so she bought some to bring home to him. Not exactly a Schenectady souvenir, but I’m pretty sure they were enjoyed nonetheless.

Found our last name!


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