Planner Panic

5 Sep

I forgot to get a planner while I was out school shopping last week,  but I decided that it was totally fine and I would just pick one up at Target the bookstore. So not a big deal… Until yesterday when I started to get ready for the first day of classes and remembered that I’m only borderline functional without a schedule with times and to-do lists written down in front of me. Obviously panic mode set in, and I went to Target to look for the perfect planner, because not only am I useless without one, I’m also super particular about the planner I use. Unfortunately the back-to-school aisle was pretty empty, and out of the three or four planners left behind the only one I loved was for 2013-2014. Why it was out already, I have no idea… but it was a terrible tease. Dejected and planner-less, I headed back to campus… But today my luck turned around! I found a planner more perfect than I could imagine- monthly schedule! weekly schedule! a cute Vera pattern! and stickers! So ready for the first day of classes now!!


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