Planner Panic

5 Sep

I forgot to get a planner while I was out school shopping last week,  but I decided that it was totally fine and I would just pick one up at Target the bookstore. So not a big deal… Until yesterday when I started to get ready for the first day of classes and remembered that I’m only borderline functional without a schedule with times and to-do lists written down in front of me. Obviously panic mode set in, and I went to Target to look for the perfect planner, because not only am I useless without one, I’m also super particular about the planner I use. Unfortunately the back-to-school aisle was pretty empty, and out of the three or four planners left behind the only one I loved was for 2013-2014. Why it was out already, I have no idea… but it was a terrible tease. Dejected and planner-less, I headed back to campus… But today my luck turned around! I found a planner more perfect than I could imagine- monthly schedule! weekly schedule! a cute Vera pattern! and stickers! So ready for the first day of classes now!!


All moved in!

4 Sep

And back to the U for senior year!

2 Sep

Homeward bound!

16 Aug

I ended my internship on Wednesday and left campus to spend the last few weeks of summer at home! And, after I take the GRE this Sunday, there’ll be more sun and summer and relaxing than studying and school! 🙂  See you soon, Schenectady!

Extra Points for the Intern

23 Jul











Now this isn’t a picture of the exact sign across from my cube at work… but it’s pretty close. The office recently moved locations in the large building and is re-doing the reception area now over the summer. Unfortunately for me, my cube is about a foot and a half away from the construction zone. After enduring a just a day of paint fumes, jack hammering, and one construction worker yelling incessantly for a hammer, I couldn’t work in my cube anymore, and I was basically a homeless intern. I carried my laptop and the binders of data or folders of contracts I was working on at the time to a few empty tables and abandoned desks and set up camp. Because I have such a great internship, yesterday when I came into the office I had an e-mail saying that I had a new cube to move into- far away from the construction zone, and I had ‘extra points’ for being such a trooper in the meantime.

Sunday in Schenectady

23 Jul

After Audrey Hepburn and a late night pancake run to Denny’s, Harlie and I woke up early Sunday morning to check out the Green Market downtown. It was fantastic! The fresh veggies and fruits looked so good… but I’m more partial to chocolates than greens, so Harlie and I lingered around the dessert booths most of the time. We tried this chocolate peanut butter fudge cookie- it was phenomenal, but soooo rich! I could barely finish the two bites! After we walked around the market for a while, we headed into the shops on Jay Street. My dad is from Ireland and we grew up visiting his family there, so when we got to Lennon’s Irish Shop we had to go in and see what was there. Obviously it was worth it- the cutest jewelry and Irish knit sweaters- and Jaffa Cakes, which I can’t stand but Harlie and my dad adore so she bought some to bring home to him. Not exactly a Schenectady souvenir, but I’m pretty sure they were enjoyed nonetheless.

Found our last name!

Harlie visits!

21 Jul

My little sister Harlie came to visit for the weekend! Today, we spent the afternoon walking around Crossgates Mall doing some shopping before getting a delicious late lunch at the Fresh Healthy Cafe. It was the first time I had eaten there and the Chicken Caesar Salad panini I got was amazing! When we got back to campus, we  took advantage of the gorgeous and, luckily enough, not too hot evening and walked around- through the gardens, around the Nott. Now after some classic scenery, on to some classic movies- Harlie’s never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s so we’re watching that tonight!